Monday, June 7, 2010

Traverse City, Try Transit !

TRAVERSE CITY—This year’s “Try Transit Day” events on Wednesday, June 9 encourage people from far-flung locations like Northport, Empire, Frankfort, Fife Lake and Kalkaska to participate in Smart Commute Week.

Bus riders, as well as carpoolers, bikers and walkers can enjoy a free breakfast or even a yoga lesson when they arrive in downtown Traverse City that morning. The free breakfasts, catered by the Warehouse Lounge, will be served to Smart Commuters when they arrive at the downtown BATA Transit Center, on Hall Street, between 7 and 9 a.m. The nearby Yen Yoga studio will offer quick, free morning sessions.

Residents of Kalkaska County may hop on a regularly scheduled bus with the Kalkaska Public Transit Authority, which carries riders to Traverse City every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

While they travel to work that morning, bus riders are likely to bump into transit agency officials, community leaders, or celebrities who are riding, too, to promote the region’s bus service. Upon arriving at the transit center, they’ll have a chance to mingle with other commuters and transit agency staff, according to a Bay Area Transit Authority press release. Read more... Morningstar Publishing

Friday, June 4, 2010

Free public transportation service expands in Chelsea

A new enhanced collaboration between the Western Washtenaw Area Value Express and the United Methodist Retirement Communities has led to a free community shuttle transportation service for all Chelsea residents.

Starting June 14, the free shuttle will operate Monday through Saturday, for four hours each day, and offer three “shopping loops” with a total of 11 stops that will allow residents to shop, visit the post office, enjoy the farmer’s market and many other opportunities and activities throughout Chelsea. Read More in Chelsea Standard