Friday, June 4, 2010

Free public transportation service expands in Chelsea

A new enhanced collaboration between the Western Washtenaw Area Value Express and the United Methodist Retirement Communities has led to a free community shuttle transportation service for all Chelsea residents.

Starting June 14, the free shuttle will operate Monday through Saturday, for four hours each day, and offer three “shopping loops” with a total of 11 stops that will allow residents to shop, visit the post office, enjoy the farmer’s market and many other opportunities and activities throughout Chelsea. Read More in Chelsea Standard

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  1. This is most definitely good news.

    It should be noted that such senior-shuttle arrangements are already common in the Detroit area. More significantly, area malls have always had good bus access thru SMART and even DDOT. The social justice rationale for mass transit urges that we stop framing transit as a senior issue, disabled issue, student issue etc. The fact that it is also a workers' issue is constantly brushed under the rug, with area cultural norms equating carlessness and unemployability, almost as character traits. I'm all for better access to shopping, but access to jobs, especially in all those isolated suburban office parks and industrial parks, is quite a screaming need.