Friday, April 29, 2011

What a modest transit tax increase will do for the Grand Rapids area |

Guest Column: What a modest transit tax increase will do for the Grand Rapids area | "The answer to The Rapid transit millage on May 3 is obviously “yes.” The proposal will expand services throughout the metro area and provide riders with more travel options, faster connections and ultimately more convenience. The funds will be spent only on transit operational expenses such as hiring drivers, fuel and maintenance. The funds will not be used to build facilities, purchase buses or hire more administrative staff."

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Private auto is choking Michigan economy

A proposal in Lansing would slice $20m from transit and give it to highways.

State Transit Cuts Would Harm Struggling Families | Our Voices: "Legislators in Lansing are looking at two proposals that would cut $20 million from vital public transportation funding. The proposals, from the House and Senate Transportation Subcommittees, if not amended in the full House and Senate Appropriations Committees, would reduce Governor Rick Snyder’s recommendations for transit spending by 8 to 10 percent."

Friday, April 22, 2011

Michigan is not broke, the money is just concentrated in the hands of the rich

There is plenty of money in the U.S. and Michigan is no exception. Millions of dollars are wasted everyday in supporting the auto-and-sprawl system. People burn valuable energy in traffic and spend thousands maintaining an auto to get to work. How does the fossil-fuel-controlled government respond? Cutting public transit and converting public property to wealthy private hands. The crisis is a fake. Fight back.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Oiligarchy can no longer allow democracy

Blogging For Michigan:: UPDATED: And so it begins. Emergency Financial Mgr. fires entire government of Benton Harbor.: "As you probably know, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder recently signed legislation passed by the Republican-dominated House and Senate that gives State-appointed Emergency Financial Managers (EFMs) historically broad and sweeping powers. These new powers allow the EFM to cancel or modify contracts (including with unions) and even to fire the municipality's government."

Friday, April 1, 2011

USA not ready for rail

Wake Up, Washtenaw!: Is the climate really right for trains?: "M. Bachant stressed the need for transportation to work together as a system - seamless connectivity between high speed trains, airports, regional expresses, and locals, buses, and taxis. This is most certainly true: public transportation must integrate seamlessly in order to compete with the automobile. In a car, you can go from the slickest, fastest freeway to an unpaved, rutted road, without getting out of your vehicle. Not so in a high-speed train. In order to come even close to the same level of convenience, public transportation must be very well planned and coordinated."