Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wake Up, Washtenaw!: The basics of Highways and Rails

Wake Up, Washtenaw!: The basics of Highways and Rails: "So it's time to go over some of the basics about the cost of rail travel. I put up a comment; here's a version for you, dear blog readers:

It's true that railroads cost taxpayer money, but so do roads and so do cars. Here are a few facts:

Even toll roads don't pay for themselves; the Illinois Tollway Authority is requesting money from the Illinois State Legislature.
Americans sent $254 billion to other countries for oil in 2009, much if it to unfriendly governments. If American 'patriots' woke up and realized how much they're subsidizing our enemies by hanging on to their SUVs, they might think investing a little of their tax dollars in rail passenger service was a really good deal."

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