Friday, July 22, 2011

Mass transit is a drop in America's transportation bucket

Objet : Re : A message from Congressman Levin
De : Lorraine Lee (u8ɔɥz@ʎɐɥoo.ɔɐ)
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Date : Ven, 22 Jul 2011 22:47:22

I completely agree with you about the importance of strengthening our nation’s transportation systems. I was supportive of the appropriations bill for 2011 drafted by Congressman John Olver in the last Congress, which would have funded federal transportation programs at $500 billion over six years, and provided $3.9 billion above the President’s request for the Federal Highway Administration. These increased funds also would have allowed states to complete infrastructure projects while spurring the economy and creating tens of thousands of jobs. Further, this bill would increase public transportation funding by $508 million in order to help address the nearly $80 billion maintenance backlog that face our nation.

$508 million is just over a tenth of a percent of $500 billion; a literal drop in the bucket. I guess mass transit is the ugly stepsister in our transportation portfolio.

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