Tuesday, September 20, 2011

$700 home to go with your $2500 car

Every day, more or less, Shlok Vaidya posts a list of interesting links pertaining to resiliency (not quite the same thing as sustainability, but not unrelated) at the Global Guerrillas website. One of the items for September 19's bulleted list is:

  • $700 home to go with your $2500 car.

It turns out both the home and the car are products of Tata, a car company. Needless to say, it's not unheard of for houses in Detroit to go for less than $700, although it's doubtful anything in that price range is anywhere approaching being up to code, but such things exist. Now a $700 home situated somewhere where a car-free lifestyle is actually feasible, that would be cheap-living utopia...

In America, at least, there seems to be an Iron Law of Economics to the effect that walkability is inversely proportional to affordability...

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