Sunday, May 25, 2014

Transit funding is where justice and economics meet

Rev. Joan Ross "There is yet another reason to increase investments in public transportation: The rights of those who are dependent on public transportation. Our seniors and young people, folks with low incomes and people with disabilities have just as much right to get around as people with private vehicles. A truly civil society respects everyone’s right to mobility, to get to school, medical appointments and work regardless of the person’s ability to drive or have access to a car.

There is a huge economic incentive for us to do the right thing. When we recognize the rights of the transit dependent and invest more in practical public transportation, hardworking folks will have reliable means to get to work. If we want to work towards increasing access to jobs and lowering the unemployment rate, we need to recognize everyone has a right to mobility. In short, public transportation is a key nexus between social justice and economic viability — and we need both."

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