Monday, February 16, 2015

So who would benefit from a public transportation system? I would say everyone.

theoaklandpress : "So who would benefit from a public transportation system? I would say everyone. At minimum, people commuting to jobs from their home to another community, people who do not have the means to own and maintain a car, people wanting to ride the Trailways can hop on to the bus without driving their cars to the Trailways, catching a flight at Metro Detroit airport while going on a business trip or vacation or going to an Amtrak station without worrying about parking or trying to get a ride, and going to downtown Detroit to enjoy a game or a show or spend time at the DIA or DSO without worrying about parking, and connecting people to jobs in different communities thus addressing the shortage of work force.

It would ease the traffic on our clogged up highways and make commute much more relaxing. It would give the option in bad weather or traffic times. Whether it is getting to a job or enjoying a day out with family, the opportunities and benefits are limitless. The whole public transportation system creates many permanent jobs.

We need a regional public transportation plan and every community should be integrated, thus contributing to economic growth of the region. It creates and provides opportunities for many. With changing demographics the millennials and the future generations are living in places where they can walk, bike or take a bus to work and be in places where they can go easily without the need to drive a car. We need to develop a long range plan that visions out the development of an integrated public transportation system that connects people and communities and start investing in it."

Monday, February 2, 2015

56-Year-Old Man Who Walks 21 Miles To And From Work

MadameNoire: "Meet James Robertson, 56, who walks 21 miles every day, five days a week, to and from Schain Mold & Engineering where he works. Robertson, who shared his story with Reporter Bill Laitner in Sunday’s Detroit Free Press has now pushed citizens around the United States to pay it forward and raise money for him to purchase a car, pay its insurance and provide professional financial management."

Berrien Co. looking into countywide public transportation

wndu : "Berrien County, Mich.-- Berrien County is considering the idea of countywide public transportation."