Thursday, December 31, 2015

Emmet County, Michigan -- people willing to pay more tax for more #publictransit, even if only others will use it

Petoskey News-Review: Opinion: "It is heartening to observe during this holiday season that there are many people in our community who really seem to care about the needs of others. A new opinion survey of public attitudes in Emmet County indicates strong support for a public transportation system among people who are not likely to use it themselves.
The survey asked this question: “Do you believe that the issue of funding an expanded public transportation system in Emmet County should be put to a vote of the public?”
Of those expressing an opinion, 78 percent responded either “definitely yes” or “probably yes.” Two-thirds of those with an opinion said they would be willing to see their property taxes go up by a small amount to fund the system, suggesting they would vote yes if given the chance."